This is the part where I tell you what we’re doing here

Hello, intrepid explorer! My name is Dorothy and this is the part where I give you an idea of what this blog will be about. There will be laughs, there hopefully won’t be many tears, and there will DEFINITELY be food.

My husband (The Weatherman) and I have made a lot of changes within the last year. We graduated from college, moved five hours away from home, got jobs, quit a job, got a shiny new job, and started actually caring about where our money went. Needless to say, these changes have provoked an enormous amount of personal growth as individuals and as a family. We’ve completely changed how we look at food, money, being married, and our faith.

Some things to know before we really get into this journey together- I’m not claiming to be perfect or that my way is the only way. In fact, I’m really new to budgeting, money management, meal planning, cleaning, and being an adult in general. We’re following Dave Ramsay‘s Financial Peace University to help get us on the same page and working on how to communicate effectively about money. That is what I’ll be referencing from whenever I talk about budgets and money things. I promise I’m not a corporate blog! I’m just a private citizen who believes in this process and is trying to follow it as best I can.

And now, because that was quite a lot of reading, here is a picture of my parents’ puppy. She’s the best, most adorable puppy ever.Image

I’m looking forward to really starting this blog, sharing my strategies and successes with you (and, I suppose, my failures), and hopefully learning about what works for other people!