Budget Busters


My little budget buster- Idris heads to the doctor

Today has not been fun. I was planning a post on meal planning or my basic budgeting, but then my car decided that she wanted to lose a shock. Awesome. So now our budget is off track (because of course this happened before our emergency fund was fully funded), I’m going to miss at least one day at work, and I’m pretty much stuck at home until she’s fixed. Such a bummer.

It’s not all bad news though; there are some blessings coming from this situation. I’ve come down with some sort of cold, so I’m glad I’ll get an extra day or two to recover before I have to go back to work. Neither of the kids that I nanny got hurt by the car breaking (and neither did I, but that’s not quite as important). My in-laws got us a AAA membership about a month ago, which saved us a TON of money on the towing. The dealership that I got the car from is going to be able to fix it for relatively cheap, if not free. And the fact that I was so freaked out meant that the Weatherman stayed up with me in order to help deal with everything, so we spent some much-needed time together.

I think a big part of successful budgeting/living is looking on the bright side when things don’t go according to plan and figuring out how to salvage certain situations. This has definitely been a challenge for me over the last 36 hours! But recognizing where/how you can save money on emergency expenses means that a budget-busting incident won’t put you out more money than it needs to. A few months ago, we would have panicked and just put it on the credit card. Now that we know where our money is, where it’s going, and when we have bills due, we were able to breathe a little bit more and just do a little shuffling of our budget. Unless my mechanic really surprises me, I’m not grocery shopping this week, BUT we have enough food in the house to last through a minor nuclear disaster, so it’s not a huge deal.

Hopefully next week I’ll actually be able to start getting into the real meat of how I plan for my life! In the meantime, appreciate your cars and make sure you’re avoiding potholes!

How does your family deal with an emergency financial situation?