How To Change Your Finances Without Changing Your Life- Ditch the Plastic!


photo credit: 401(K) 2013 via photopin cc

This is the first in a series of seven Friday posts on changing your finances without changing your life too much. Obviously any changes to your financial situation will require some lifestyle changes, but this series is designed to make people more mindful of their habits WITHOUT requiring overwhelming change.

This week’s step is probably the most important, but also one of the most difficult- ditching the plastic in favor of cash. Yes, that even means your debit card! I have been plastic-free for a month now, and it is AMAZING how different my spending habits are.

Now, this does NOT mean that you need to go and cut up your credit cards, cancel all of your accounts, and go off the grid. I still have a debit card and carry it with me everywhere. My husband still has his debit and credit cards. The only difference is that we use only use the plastic to acquire cash at the ATM or to make purchases online.

I’ve found that I have become much more conscious of how I spend my money. It’s so easy to go overboard when using plastic, even a debit card. When I can’t see my wallet physically get smaller, I overspend. By making this one small change I have decreased my excess spending by a significant amount and things between me and my husband have been a lot less tense!

It’s a small change, but it’s one that can change your story and how you view money. Over the course of this series, we’ll be building on this idea of small changes and how they can make saving money easier!

Have you tried going cash-only? What have been your successes and challenges?


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